How To Use - Reed Diffusers

How to use your LasScent Reed Diffuser 

Reed Diffusers are a great way to add constant fragrance to your home. The diffuser reeds soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into your home. 

To set up your Reed Diffuser is simple:

1: Remove your Reed Diffuser Bottle & Reed Sticks out of all the packaging

2: Carefully remove the plastic stopper from the Reed Diffuser Bottle

3: Place the Reed Sticks within the bottle 

Tip: For a stronger dispersion use all Reed Sticks, likewise for a weaker scent, use less Reed Sticks. 

4: Place in the desired area within your home

Tip: A great spot to place your Reed Diffuser is near a door, so when you walk in the room you'll smell the fragrance as you walk by!

Want to make the fragrance from your Reed Diffuser last longer?

Simply flip the reeds for more fragrance! We recommend flipping the reed sticks once a week! 

Caution: When flipping the sticks, take care not to let the oil spill onto your surface to ensure no damage occurs. 

Have a stunning Reed Diffuser, but it has run out of oil? 

Do not worry! Here at LasScent we can provide you with Reed Diffuser Refills! 

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