About Us

Established in 2019, LasScent is dedicated to providing you with High Quality Scented Products, all Hand-Made & Hand-Poured. 
We are a small batch producer, who uses the Highest Percentage of Fragrance Oil to ensure every one of our products leave your home smelling fabulous.
Our fragrance blends are inspired both by popular well-known scents & everyday aromas that aim to freshen and invigorate your home. 
With a wealth of experience in chemical formulation & associated regulations, we ensure all our products are fully CLP compliant & are clearly labelled with associated safety warnings. 
Our HQ is based in the quaint little village, Charlesworth, where every corner is filled with beauty & peace - our love for our High Peak Home gave us the perfect brand name for our Candle & Accessory range.  

The village is at the foot of the "Monks' Road", which was used by the monks of Basingwerk Abbey in North Wales. At the top of the road is the Abbot's Chair, the base of a monastic cross also known as the Charlesworth Cross.

Bursting with history, stunning landscapes and remarkable landmarks such as Coombes Edge, the area boasts the best views over all the surrounding areas.

Peace, Tranquility & Beauty is what Charlesworth is all about and because of this, it has become the foundation of our range.