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About Us

 Our passion is to provide all our customers with a luxurious product available in a variety of stunning scents.
We use the highest percentage of Quality Fragrance Oils to ensure our Soy Wax Products are stronger and last longer.

Our soy wax melts and candles have lower melting points, which means they burn up to 50% longer than paraffin wax products.

Our products are all hand-poured, with extra care and attention.

Customer Reviews

These snap bars are incredible. The scents are amazing and every time someone visits my house they comment on how nice it smells (which is the BEST because I have a dog and I never want my house to smell of her!) 
I’ve used other brands in the past but this is by far my favourite.


I love the snap bars as they are full of fragrance and value for money. They are very easy to change so you never get bored of the same smell. They look beautiful in the packaging and melted! 


I just can’t get enough of these gorgeous snap bars! They fill my home up with a beautiful scent which lifts my mood every time I burn one. The products are high quality and the scent really lasts! The service is quick and reliable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my melts. I’m obsessed!


These snap bars are so full of flavour. They leave my house smelling amazing for so much longer than other brands I have had. Very high quality. Will definitely be purchasing more!


I honestly cannot believe how amazing smelling and long lasting these snap bars are. Fill my room with my favourite scents, daisy and out of this world are my favourites! Can’t recommend enough. And super quick delivery!